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    Cups & Bowls    by Mike Hiler 

Fired Clay by Mike Hiler, Yakima WA 

Porcelain Cups and bowls are my primary art form. I never make two cups alike, but generally make cups and bowls in sets defined by design or glaze. I approach these functional pieces as “Sculpture.” They are all microwave and dishwasher safe and I do not use lead or other harmful chemicals in my clays or glazes.

Although I make my cups for myself, you may find one that connects with your own esthetic. My goal is to produce a cup of unique form and individual expression which honors the tactile response to fired clay.  Sometimes I think of my cups as unique test subjects for my experimental glaze approaches. Some cups are more experimental than others, but I try to present all finished cups as “Ready for your use and enjoyment.” Here is a variety of my cups, all of which have found homes. I will try to post new cups as the opportunity arises.

For more information or to see my art in person, Contact Me today!

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Fired Clay Pottery by Mike Hiler - Cups & Bowls

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 Fired Clay Pottery by Mike Hiler

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